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The MaxHealth Nutraceuticals Advantage

MaxHealth Nutraceuticals was started because I wanted to offer the best of the best nutraceuticals. Also, with my own health challenges with gut dysbiosis, alopecia, adult acne, and fertility, I found it critical to consume the purest, safest, high quality, dietary supplements on the market. As a physician, I could no longer put my health in the hands of fly-by-night supplement companies, with inadequate or inconsistent ingredients. That is why MaxHealth Nutraceuticals was born. 


We bring nature and science to you in the safest way possible, so that you can maximize your health and transform your life!


At MaxHealth Nutraceuticals, we believe that better health starts with a whole-food plant-based diet and superior nutraceutical products. Our products are formulated by leading physicians and delivered in a convenient way to consumers. We firmly believe that this can make a significant difference in overall health.


With so many options on the market, it’s difficult to know which health supplement is best for you. At MaxHealth Nutraceuticals, we use only pure and safe ingredients to ensure that you are getting the most out of your supplements. We want you to lead a happy and healthy life!

What Makes MaxHealth Nutraceuticals Different?

Superior Formulations

By implementing a quality policy, our nutraceuticals regularly exceed industry standards. Our exhaustive evaluation criteria consider both quality and efficacy to be essential:


  • Composition
  • Identity
  • Integrity
  • Potency
  • Purity
  • Strength

We take quality control seriously at our company. From raw material selection to shipping the finished product, we adhere to strict standards. Every step of the process is thoroughly controlled so that you receive consistently potent and effective pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements every time you order.

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Our Quality Assurance program ensures optimum potency and maximum freedom from environmental contaminants.


We only use the best cGMP labs for production and test each product exhaustively. Additionally, all of our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA for dietary supplement safety.


When you see something on our label, it’s in the capsule, tablet or powder. We don’t use any wheat, corn protein, yeast, soy or dairy products unless we absolutely have to. Plus, no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives either. If a filler is necessary then only vegetable-based cellulose, rice bran  or rice flour will be used.

Dietary Supplements Are Evidence-Based

MaxHealth Nutraceuticals wants to ensure that you are taking the cleanest and most effective supplements possible. To do so, we keep up with the latest scientific research and regularly update our product formulas. All MaxHealth Nutraceuticals products are based only on clinical evidence that has been reviewed by experts in the field.

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Products Formulated by Physicians and Distributed Only Through a Physician Recommendation

We take great care to review and approve each product with our physician partners, who not only play a role in creation but also help us distribute these products by recommending them within their families and medical networks.

Manufacturing Standards That Ensure Purity and Quality

Every batch of MaxHealth Nutraceuticals products is third-party tested to ensure we adhere to high standards of quality and purity.

, About MaxHealth Nutraceuticals, Dr. Nicolle

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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