Glutamine Powder 227 Grams


Glutamine is an amino acid that may be helpful to maintain muscle mass if one skips meals or is trying to lose weight. It is especially helpful to prevent burning muscle while working out. Glutamine is an important nutrient for digestive health as it is believed to be the primary energy nutrient for the digestive tract. Glutamine helps support the immune system and wound healing. It may also support healthy blood sugar levels and decrease cravings for carbohydrates. It tends to be very soothing for the digestive tract as well. ‡

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227 Gram

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  • Supports The Immune System: These benefits are largely related to glutamine’s role in intestinal health. In the human body, the intestines play a large role in the immune system. 
  • Healing the Digestive Tract: Glutamine is a source of energy for cells. Studies have shown that it helps maintain the barrier between the inside of your intestines and the rest of your body, thereby protecting against leaky gut syndrome. This prevents harmful bacteria or toxins from moving from your intestines into the rest of your body. Additionally, it is important for the normal growth and maintenance of the cells in the intestine. 
  • Combats Colds and Flu: Viral infections and low immune conditions lowers body glutamine levels. Low levels will lower levels of our protective T cells and reduce the ability of macrophages to kill viruses and bacteria. Glutamine plays a critical role in helping to fight any kind of cold, flu or immune weakness. 
  • Helps Cancer Patients: Glutamine also protects against infections in patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. Doses used with cancer patients are in the range of 10 to 40 grams (3-14 teaspoons) per day given in divided doses. 
  • Support Muscle Tissue for Athletes: Supplementing with L-glutamine allows your muscles to work better and push a bit further, which boosts your strength and helps repair your skeletal muscles.
Supplement facts forGlutamine Powder 227 Grams
Take 1 scoop or tsp 1 to 3 times per day in liquid or as recommended by your practitioner. Or: Take 1 scoop before workouts.
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