Disparities in Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Part 2

Communities of color have long faced disparities in the health care system, in part because of discrimination, poor health, and insufficient insurance coverage. There have been many reports of racial bias in medicine, often called ‘implicit bias’, and that black patients receive inferior medical care to white patients. For instance, pain is undertreated in blacks because of the thought that blacks have less-sensitive nerve endings, or that that our blood coagulates faster or more quickly, or it’s just thought that black pain is rated lower than whites. Blacks are more likely than whites to receive drug testing when prescribed long-term opiates, even though whites show higher rates of overdose. Blacks are also thought to be responsible for their own state of health and are blamed for their own health conditions, while whites are thought to be victims of their own state of health and resources should be given to help those ‘victims’. As such, black people are now being blamed for dying from COVID-19. I would like to point out that NO ONE was blamed for contracting and dying from COVID-19 until it was pointed out that black people were contracting and dying from COVID-19 at higher rates than their non-black counterparts.

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