Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

11Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal
Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

When you bring lunch to work, do your coworkers run away because of the smell? Or, do they wish they could steal your lunch? If you try these ideas, you’ll be the envy of the office. Plus, they’re nutritious and healthy!


Lunch doesn’t have to be boring, bland, expensive, or unhealthy junk food!


Try these healthy lunch ideas to spice things up:


Make an amazing sandwich with portobello mushrooms.

Add layers of mozzarella and cheddar cheese slices to the bread. Then, add your favorite meat and grilled portobello mushrooms.

  • Consider adding vegetables such as romaine lettuce, spinach leaves, and tomatoes. Other delicious options include red or white onions, cucumbers, and pickles.
  • Remember to pack your favorite condiments like ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

Create a lettuce-free salad.

Lettuce can wilt and get soggy by lunchtime, but this salad will hold up through your morning meetings and conference calls.

  • Try a lettuce-free salad by cutting and mixing tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, dill, and corn.
  • Another option is to make a lettuce-free salad with corn and beans. Mix corn kernels, kidney beans, lima beans, chopped bell peppers, olives, and tomatoes.
  • Make your own salad dressing by using olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Sicilian Spicy Pasta

Make the perfect wrap for lunch.

 Instead of buying a wrap from a taco stand or restaurant, make your own. You’ll be able to control the ingredients and make it healthier.

  • Start with strong corn or flour tortillas that won’t fall apart or shred.
  • Cover the tortillas with a layer of sour cream. This will help the ingredients stay in place.
  • Add your favorite toppings such as shredded cheese, ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. Remember to roll the wrap tightly. Wrap it in foil to help it keep its shape.
  • If you prefer a low-calorie version, then use lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. Simply wrap the ingredients in iceberg or romaine lettuce leaves.

Make a power bowl.

Power bowls combine multiple ingredients together into one easy to eat mix. They’re a good way to reuse leftovers, and they’re convenient for those who have to eat at work. You can make savory or sweet power bowls.

  • The key to creating a successful power bowl is to ensure it has a variety of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • Try the BBQ power bowl that combines chopped carrots, corn kernels, beans, meat, and bell peppers with rice and BBQ sauce. You can use brown or white rice for this recipe.
  • Another option is to make a quinoa power bowl. The quinoa serves as the main carbohydrate. You can add protein by using meat or tofu. Then, add chopped celery, spinach leaves, and tomatoes. For a sweeter version of this recipe, replace the vegetables with dried cranberries and dried apple slices.

Create delicious miniature food cups.

One of the issues many people run into at work is they don’t have a lot of time to eat, and they often must multitask while having lunch. Miniature food cups make it easy to grab a quick meal.

  • You can use foil or paper cupcake liners and fill them with your favorite ingredients.
  • For example, one cup can have fruit such as grapes, sliced oranges, and apples.
     Another cup can have nuts or seeds. A third cup can have cheese, meat, or vegetables.

Lunch can be fun and nutritious. Try these ideas, and your coworkers will want to share lunch with you.

Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

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, Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal, Dr. Nicolle


I really wanted to talk about this topic today because your natural health and wellness is important. You can adopt healthy lifestyle practices that improve your health and enrich your life, which can in turn improve the lives of those close to you. You have the power to break the cycle of poor health, including chronic disease, so that you can leave a legacy of health to your loved ones.


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Please talk with your doctor about any complementary health approaches, including supplements, you use. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.


Stay healthy,


Dr. Nicolle


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Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

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Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Coworkers Will Want to Steal

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