Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Healthy Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Dr. Nicolle

Hi! It’s Wellness Wednesdays! Let’s talk about healthy diet changes for the first trimester of pregnancy. A pregnancy can drastically change your diet, but cravings aren’t the only challenge. The first trimester of pregnancy can be a challenging time for a woman. However, these quick diet changes can help you adjust.


Protect you and your baby during your first trimester with these healthy nutrition tips:


1. Eat healthy for two. Your baby depends on you during your pregnancy, so it’s important to start eating healthy as soon as possible.

  • If you struggle with healthy diets, then you may want to consult your doctor for help. It’s crucial that you start a healthy, vitamin-rich diet plan to help your baby develop.

2. Take a prenatal vitamin. Food is an important source of vitamins, but it’s not enough during a pregnancy.

  • Your doctor can recommend a good prenatal vitamin that will have the nutrients your baby needs. There are a variety of brands, so you may want to get your doctor’s advice before shopping.

3. Add folate to your diet. Folate is also essential for the proper development.

  • You can take vitamins with folic acid, but foods offer another option. Folate can be found in beans, edamame, lentils, spinach, and fortified cereals. Your body needs folate to prevent birth defects in your child.

4. Get enough iron. Iron is another important nutrient that your body needs during pregnancy.

  • If you’re not vegetarian, you can use meat as the most common source of iron. If you’re vegetarian, vegetables like beans, spinach, and lentils can provide you with iron. Eggs and apricots are also good sources of this nutrient.
Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Healthy Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Dr. Nicolle

5. Eliminate all alcohol. Alcohol has been linked to birth defects and developmental issues in children. If you’re trying to stay healthy for your baby, then consider cutting out all alcohol during the pregnancy.


6. Add fish. Fish is an omega-rich food, but it’s important to avoid certain kinds during pregnancy.

  • Women who are pregnant sometimes eliminate all fish because they’re worried about chemicals like mercury. However, doctors state that you can still eat fish. You should avoid sushi, shark, and swordfish because they’re more likely to have poisons. However, salmon, trout, catfish and sardines are generally considered safe.

7. Avoid eating hotdogs and soft cheeses. They may contain Listeria, which is a harmful bacteria that can hurt your child or even lead to miscarriages.


8. Get enough calcium. Calcium is important for your bones, but it’s also essential during pregnancy.

  • Your baby needs calcium to develop strong bones. You can find calcium in traditional dairy sources like milk, cheese, and yogurt. However, you also have other options like fortified orange juice and fortified cereals.

9. Switch to well-done meat. You don’t want to risk getting bacteria from undercooked meat during your pregnancy.

  • Your meat needs to be well done because Listeria, Salmonella, and other bacteria can harm your baby and even lead to miscarriages or stillbirths.
  • You may want to get a meat thermometer to ensure your meat is done.

10. Deal with your cravings. The cravings may be sudden and impossible to avoid. However, you can learn to deal with them. Try substituting healthier options like fruits instead of candy bars during a sugar craving.


The first trimester may be easier to handle once you follow these quick diet changes. You also may want to consult your doctor or dietician for help.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Nicolle

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Remember, living a healthy lifestyle including eating a whole foods plant-based diet and regular exercise are best for a healthy pregnancy.

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Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Healthy Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Dr. Nicolle
Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Healthy Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy, Dr. Nicolle

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